Lawyer Ambrose Dery

Rather than later, my awakened instincts prompt me that, it is time to celebrate our torch bearers who are championing our quest for the development of the upper west region.

Folks of the Upper West Region will admit that, ours was culled from the then upper region making it the youngest of all the ten regions in Ghana as of then. The challenge was and still remains how to develop Ghana’s last baby both in physical infrastructure and human

President Akufo-Addo in a Handshake with the Interior Minister

When the New Patriotic Party first came to power in January 2001, a blessing of the Upper West Region in a man known as Hon. Ambrose Dery duly played active roles in various capacities towards Ghana’s development.

As a young boy at that time, I first noticed him through his works as Upper West Regional Minister.

He would later on move to Accra as a
Minister of State at the Attorney General and Justice ministry. In both roles, he discharged himself very well scoring ‘A+’ on the scorecard of the populace.
The year 2017 presented the second coming of our Dear NPP together with the hardworking, results-oriented Hon. Ambrose Dery both as the Member of Parliament for Nandom and the minister of Interior.

Having attended secondary school in Nandom during my teenage years, I am well abreast with how Nandom looked then compared to its current positively-enhanced higher status of a municipality.

The current circumstance of Nandom is a tremendous positive shift from its
old-fashioned status when I lived there as a student for three years. The livelihood of its rural dwellers has been greatly improved through the continuous, comprehensive work of Hon
Ambrose Dery.

I dare say that, Nandom has a better physical infrastructure outlay such as
rehabilitated roads, Schools and Jobs availability to indigenes more than most municipalities I consider as its contemporaries.

All thanks to the mighty ingenuity of Hon. Ambrose Dery.
Today, in celebrating a genius of the man Hon. Ambrose Dery, I am releasing a teaser which is first of many objective observations in series, authored in my solemn, non-partisan mood to

This is an attempt to awaken the spirit of the need of us as a people, to celebrate our change heroes while they are alive.
Effortlessly in my mind, there are many areas where Hon. Ambrose Dery is rated as the best, reigning Heroe and Change Agent of the Upper West Region including but not limited to:
Best Performing Member of Parliament in the Upper West Region.

He is a true honorable statesman with demonstrable high morals exhibited over the years since he first became a minister in former president John Agyekum Kufuor’s era.

To the larger percentage of Ghana’s populace, it is no wonder that Hon. Ambrose Dery has not had any scandal attached to his personality even though he has been in public service for well.

over two decades. In my subsequent publications after this teaser, detailed, specific and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be outlined in substantiation of the
indisputable fact that Hon. Ambrose Dery is truly the best performing MP from the Upper West Region.
Best Performing Minister of President Akufo Addo’s Government.

A bare fact that Ghana’s larger population easily submits to, our Interior Minister has been the most outstanding minister since 2017. Yes, Hon. Ambrose Dery has been the outstanding
‘ship stabilizer’ of our Government ensuring a serene and conducive atmosphere for business
and human activity to actively thrive in Ghana.

At a glance through all the ministries, it is even easier to assess his work as the interior minister because he has been at the helm of same
since 2017.

Again, in my subsequent detailed publications after this teaser, you will read more information and updates regarding the positive impact of his outstanding work at the interior

In summary, at this impressive rate of progress of development in the Upper West Region being chauffeured by the indefatigable Hon. Ambrose Dery, if there is ever paradise on earth,
we will get there sooner than later.
The writer is a Youth Activist of the NPP from Sissala East.

A proud in-law too.
He can be reached via:
Razak A. Vemmie

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