PPP Party held a Press Conference

The Upper West Regional Secretariat of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has “rubbished” claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that about 1000 members of the PPP have defected to the NDC.

The PPP said such claims are nothing but blatant lies and mere propaganda to camouflage the general public and to gain cheap popularity as a party.

Mr Felix S. Pigru, the Upper West Regional Secretary of the PPP debunked the claims during a press conference by the PPP in Wa Wednesday to state the facts as far as the issues of the “cross carpet” was concerned.

He explained that the membership of the party, per the party’s performance in the 2020 general election, was not up to 1000 members, and questioned where the 1000 members of the PPP came from to be inducted into the NDC party.

“In 2020 our candidate for the Wa Central had 318 votes and the Presidential candidate, we had 156, if you add these how you can get 1000 party members out of these votes to join NDC.

“This will tell you tht it is just a cheap propaganda by the NDC, led by the General Secretary, Honourable General Asiedu Nketia”, Mr Pigru observed.

The NDC in the Upper West Region, led by its General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, inducted some people into the NDC last Sunday, which they claimed were about 1000 members of the PPP in the Upper West Region.

But the PPP in the region said it could not confirm the membership of those individuals that were supposedly inducted into the NDC at a ceremony on Sunday where some people were seen wielding some documents which appeared to be the PPP membership cards.

“We want to appeal to the general, that the general public should treat the information (with) all the contempt that it deserves on the basis that the regional chairman of the PPP, Matthew Dumah and his executives have not crossed any carpet and we are still in-charge of affairs in the Upper West Region; neither 1000 members of the party in the region defected to any other party”, he intimated.

The PPP Regional Secretary indicated that one Osman Adams who was the Wa Central PPP Chairman was the only member from the PPP that had left the party.

He, however said, Mr Osman Adams, who defected from the NDC in 2016 to join the PPP, had his Constituency Chairmanship position revoked after the 2020 general elections over poor performance and did Mr Osman Adams was not a member of the PPP in good standing.

Mr Matthew Dumah, the Upper West Regional Chairman of the PPP, also indicated that the defected Osman Adams came to the party to amass wealth but had to go back to where he came from because his objective of joining the PPP was not successful.

He explained that checks at the constituency offices of the PPP in the region indicated that no member of the party had defected.

He added that Osman Adams had access to the party office at the time he was the Constituency Chairman and carried away the part membership cards which he distributed to some members of the public to pose as members of the PPP.

The PPP therefore urged Osman Adams to return all equipment belonging to the party, including the part membership cards and the party pick-up vehicle in good condition within 48 hours or risked being reported to the police for investigation.

Source: Info Radio

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