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The Weather in Parts of Upper West Region has been cold lately with temperatures ranging below 15 degrees Celsius.

A Journalist by Name Logi Edmond has discovered the reason behind the Development, he added that the fettle will last till middle of August.


Kindly note that till August 22nd the weather will be colder and colder than last year, 2021. This is called the Albelian phenomenon. It starts tomorrow morning at 5-27. We will not only see but also experience the effects of the Alphelion Phenomenon.
It will end in August 2022. During this time we will experience cold weather like never before, due to which, our body aches and stuffy throat, Fever, cough and breathing problems occur. Therefore, it is better to strengthen your immune system with vitamins and other healthy food products.
The distance between Sun and Earth is 90,000,000 km. But during this Alphelion Phenomenon, the distance between the two will increase to 152,000,000 km. That is a 66% increase.


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