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The Upper West Region is noted for Inflating prices of goods and services in order to mobilize huge margins of profits for some business owners, a Development that continues to exist because of the fact that several people fail to contact and consult relatives outside the region before buying some goods or products.

It’s important to note that some goods maybe relatively cheaper in some close or nearby regions or Districts compared to where you are within the region.

Sawla is not in Upper West Region and as a result, some goods are cheaper in Sawla Bole and other Towns than in the Region. Wood is far cheaper in Techiman than in Wa, same as spare parts.

According to a Media Personality with Sungmaale FM, DJ Busy he indicated that a back tyre of Haojue 110-3 is being sold at Ghc300 in Wa but is sold at Ghc160 in Techiman, a difference of Ghc140.

You Should check prices of these six Goods in Other Regions before buying them in Wa and other Districts.

Firstly, Major Spare Parts: These Include Tyres, Fuel tanks, Engines, Wheels, Rubber Covers etc, You Should also compare prices of Bikes in Other Regions, the world is fast evolving and Communication is key and easy to do lately, let’s not live in darkness.

Secondly, Vehicle Spare Parts: These are very expensive things and one needs to constantly communicate with others outside the Region to compare prices, some parts are extremely inflated and it’s adviseable to compare.

Thirdly, Gadgets, lots of Gadgets are overpriced in the Upper West Region, a development we need to Attend to, we all need to make profits but let’s be fair in our course to make money, if we are not, people may eventually get other options. If you want Gadgets download the Kikuu App, Wadaah App, Daah App from Playstore, they have an office close to Wa School for the death, buy and go there for the items. You can also compare prices in other Districts including Sawla, Bole, etc.

Fourthly, Clothes, most are overpriced and as a result people overuse customers, you can get lots of quality clothes from Kikuu App, Wadaah App, Daah App and from some other Neighbouring Districts in the Upper West Region if Prices are expensive in the Capital. We’ll Commend Smock City Business Center for Making Smock Materials Affordable in the Region, You Can Call them on 0249433277.

Fifthly, Building Materials: It’s good to build but not when prices are extremely High, Prices of some materials such as Iron Rods, Cement, Tiles are quite expensive in the Region, something we have to do a lot about, else people will have no option than to compare prices at Sawla, Bole, Damongo and Techiman.

Lastly, Check Prices of Cars outside Upper West Region.

Aside this All other things such as Food, Water, Local Medicines are affordable.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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