Lands Commission (Within)

There is the need to lease or keep your  plot of land secure by using the appropriate measure to ensure the land or plots of land are documented in your name.

The process though stressful, needs one to be constant to be able to carry it out in order to ensure the source of the land is Reliable and devoid of legal tussle.

Upper West Region covers over 18,000 Km² and as a result we have enough land to depend on for Industrialization, estates, Agriculture and Hospitality Management.

The Wa Municipality is the Smallest Demarcated Constituency in Upper West Region but with the Largest Population, Sissala East is the Constituency with the Largest Demarcated Land followed by Wa East, Sissala West, Wa West and Jirapa. The Others are Dafiama-Busie-Issa, Nadowli-Kaleo, Lambussie, Lawra and Nandom respectively.

According to Mr. Iddrisu Bomison, A former constituency Executive of NPP in the Wa Municipality, Interviewed by Joseph Oswald Ali at Radio Mak, he indicated that a Plot of Land Can be leased for as much as Ghc1,200 whilst a site plan for a single plot goes for Ghc800.

This means a site plan is needed for you to be able to see how the land is demarcated, whether there will be a road close to it in future and also for you to be able to use it for electricity connection, one needs Ghc800 to be Able to get a site plan. As you extend beyond one plot, you’ll add Ghc200, this means to get a site plan of two plots you need Ghc1,000, for three, Ghc1,200 in that order, that is if the plots are close to each other.

To lease two plots you need Ghc1,400 and extra Ghc200, to lease 3 you need Ghc1,600 that is if the plots are on same range.


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