Member of Parliament for Sissala East, Hon. Amidu Chinnia

The Member of Parliament for Sissala East who doubles as The Deputy Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Hon. Amidu Chinnia has revealed that the deplorable Nature of Tumu-Han and Tumu-Wallembelle Roads Gwollu-Lambussie roads have become an anachronistic issue haunting several Members of Parliament in their Constituencies.

In an Interview with Umar Kunateh Popularly called Asprilla in the Studio of Home Radio on the 29th of June, the Member of Parliament also Explained:

“If you look at the historic antecedent of the constituency and the general Ghanaian Politics and try to look at the work I have been doing so far in the last one and half years, I wouldn’t say I am doing bad, I wouldn’t want to judge myself,  all that I want to say is that I don’t think I am doing bad but I think the constituents are the best judges, but sometimes Asprilla, when your people are inundated with problems, problems of ages, sometimes the anger and dissatisfaction that is in them, can let you be working, doing you best but sometimes people still have reservations, for instance the area of road sector, the sissala area from Funsi to Tumi, we have had the worse of roads across governments, it has been a very very big challenge, it is an aged old problem but once I am the MP now, there are expectations, that I should be able to work to address those aged old problems, you can be putting in your best bit because it is a huge problem that has been around for a very long time, your effort will not be easily recognized, but from where I sit, I am very confident that after my first term, those who don’t appreciate me will appreciate me with time.”


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