The Harmattan season is getting severe within the Upper West Region, several measures have to be put in place in order to withstand the weather till April sets inn. The Harmattan begun late November.

These are 4 things to do during this Harmattan or dry season.

Firstly, Drink more water: Water is life and it’s adviseable to drink more water to avoid hiccup and also for the kidney to be able to flush out waste substances from the body. The level of Humidity is low and the weather draws out more water from our system.

Secondly, Put on a Nose Mask, a nose Mask is important when walking or riding because the atmosphere may carry some unhealthy air or dust from far and around, it’s Healthy to keep the lungs from unhealthy air or dusty Oxygen that can result in Influenza and other infections.

Thirdly, Clean your rooms regularly and use fans less. Our fans are sometimes engulfed with dust due to the weather and as a result turning on a fan can result in dusty air circulating in one’s room, let’s clean our rooms to keep our lungs safe.

Lastly, Use Shea Butter to keep the body soft and Healthy, lots of pomades will fail you during this season, Shea Butter is thick and has enough oil and nutrients to keep the body in shape and nourished for the season.

Lastly, Beware of Bushfires, Create fire belts around your houses and other properties to prevent losses, some hunters have begun setting fire on some portions of land and in one’s absence he or she can be affected by such fires.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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