The construction of a feeder road between Kaleo and Charia in the Upper West Region has caused major destruction to the properties of residents who live in Kaleo, close to where the feeder road is constructed.

Some residents speaking to Info Radio disclosed that their stores and houses get flooded whenever it rains due to the construction of the road close to their houses and stores.

The said road being constructed is under the Transport Sector Improving Projects funded by the European Union.

According to the affected residents, the contractor constructing the road paved the road without creating gutters for rainwater. This, according to them, paved the way for water to directly enter their homes and stores, thereby destroying their goods worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

Narrating the situation to Info Radio at the community, some affected residents alleged

that, they have complained to the Assembly Member of the area and the contractor but have since not seen their concerns addressed.

Some affected residents in Kaleo disclosed that the road construction that created the flooding situation is affecting their businesses because their customers can no longer access their stores. Others said their children are suffering because of the flooding.

Mr. Yaya Nuhu, a businessman, lamented that the water had destroyed several bags of sugar in his store because of the flooding. He disclosed that some residents are being displaced by the flood.

The affected residents have therefore appealed to the ministry of roads and the European Union to come to their aid since the construction of their community roads has negatively affected them.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Member for the Kaleo West Electoral Area, Mr. Solomon Antuona, speaking to Info Radio on the issues, said he has since lodged a complaint with the project field offer and Pronet North, the grievance redress organization overseeing the construction of the European Union roads in the Upper West Region.

Source: Info Radio

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