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The Public Interest and Accountability Committee has revealed that the Eggu Helath Center was built to serve 24 Communities around the electoral area.

This was Revealed by Lawyer Nasir Alfa Mohammed Vice Chairman Ghana Bar Association at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University during an Engagement with The Media and other Stakeholders on Thursday 27th April 2023.

Lawyer Alpha Bemoaned the Infrastructure and Human Resource Deficit of the Facility adding that more needs to be don’t in order for the facility to meet the befitting standard of a Heath Center.

“…Because it was small, In 2011/2012, we Commissioned the project what I mean is that Government commissioned a Project to build the Health Center, so the health center will be an extension of the facility to make it good and spacious enough for the operation of a health center but when you go there now they have completed the project alright in terms of the structure but they have not plastered, there is nothing inside, there are so many things that have it been done…”

He added that the Eggu Community Still Depends one an old structure and Delivery ward for Child Birth.

“..The old Structure, that one ward is still the same ward they are using, and they have one delivery space for Women, the ward they use, if I am sick as a man, that is where I will be, if my sister is sick or my brother’s wife is sick that is where she is also coming to be and they have only two or three beds to serve 24 Communities, we were so disappointed when we go there…”


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