Elder Issahaku Seidu

An Elderly Man within the Ages of 60s, Mr. Issahaku Seidu  has explained why several girls in the Upper West Region are aging without husbands or serious suitors.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team at Wa-Duori on the 16th of June 2023, Mr. Seidu Noted that several girls in our part of the world aren’t very certain about what they want in a relationship, he continued that girls of today have commercialized relationships aiming at extorting men with extravagant lifestyles rather than resorting to build a home with their potential life partner.

“The quest for material wealth, money is the main reason they can’t get suitors, I’ll advise that any girl that isn’t pleased with the little they get should try to get some home training and reassess themselves.”

He also urged men to shun laziness and be willing to chase their dreams in order to be able to fend for a family should Incase they settle down.

Marriage is of the Social Requirements for one to be respected and declared as responsible in most communities.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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