Suspected Thief Apprehended

An elderly man, Mba Fuseini Believed to be within his late 60s was caught red-handed stealing 11 goats and stashing them inside his house in Sombo Residential Area, a suburb of Wa Municipality on the 27th of July 2023.

A Swift action of The Assemblyman for the Area, Hon. Abu and Unit Committee members led to his arrest and subsequent appearance before the Wa-Sombo Naa palace.

The landowners of Wa-Sombo, deeply offended by the theft on their sacred land, demanded a resolution. They came to an agreement with the accused, who now faces a unique penalty.

To make amends and seek forgiveness, he must present 2 goats, 2 hens, and a sum of 300 Ghanaian cedis as restitution for the crime committed.

Moreover, it seems that the chief also imposed a separate fine of 600 Ghanaian cedis as a penalty for the act of stealing goats, a crime considered a severe breach of trust and respect in the community.

To document the entire incident, videos, pictures, and audio evidence were collected, providing irrefutable proof of the shocking event.

Source: Hidden News Trend

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