Some Electoral Areas in Upper West are currently without Assembly Men

Four Assembly Men Are out of their Positions as Representatives after the 2019 Assembly Elections,  One from Wa Central,  One From Wa West One From Jirapa and another from Wa East District.

In 2021,  Assembly Member for Kperisi Electoral Area in Wa Municipality stepped down from his position as Assembly Member on 4th October 2021 ,  he was elected in December 2019 and after  months of Serving,  the former Assembly Member James Kuusana Donkor wrote to the Wa Municipal Assembly indicating his decision to resign from his position as assembly Member.

“I wish to submit for your consideration my immediate resignation from the Wa Municipal Assembly.

I would have loved to accomplish my full tenure of office as an Elected Member in service to the Chiefs and people of the Kperisi Electoral Area whom I pledged to serve, but due to some personal reasons, I have to resign.
I shall remain grateful and loyal as a citizen of Ghana to the Wa Municipal and the people for the opportunity even in my next endeavours. Kindly accept my resignation herewith for your immediate favourable response, Sir”

Secondly,  Assembly Member for Gbache Electoral Area in Wa West District,  Peter Kaadaare has been sentenced by the Wa Magistrate court to 14 Months In Prison  for Defiling a Lady,  according to Peter when he spoke to the Court,  he admitted he was Influenced by a spirit to commit the act. This means Gbache electoral area will be without an assembly Member till a new person is elected. The decision was taken in April 2022.
The Wa District Magistrate Court, presided over by His Worship, Maxwell Maxibrain Titriku, on April 16, 2022, sentenced Seidu Peter Kaadaare to 14 months imprisonment with hard labour for attempted rape and unlawful entry.

Thirdly,  Assembly Member for Kuuncheni in Jirapa,  Lawyer Badombie was shot dead by Unknown men on his way to Jirapa,  the late Assembly Member was killed After Banda Nkwanta as Reported by the Savannah Regional Police Command.
His death will mean that Kuuncheni will be without an Assembly Member till a new person is elected. Late Lawyer Badombie Was Shot on the 28th of May 2022.

Lastly, Jeyiri Electoral Area: Former Assembly Member for Jeyiri Electoral Area who doubled as NDC Constituency Secretary Passed on in November 2020. The Electoral Area has since been without an Assembly Member after his demise on 29th November 2020 after a short illness.


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