Embattled Shakul(In White)

A victim of Last week’s leaked sex tape which drew the attention of Wa Naa’s Royal Household has been spotted having fan after his previous predicament.

According to Shakul, life must Go on after several challenges.
He accompanied the National Democratic Congress on their march through the principal streets of Wa to mark June 4th Revolution which was observed in most parts of the country.

Shakul was spotted in a nude video with a lady exchanging pleasure, the video was recorded on the 29th of May 2022 and later shared to platforms on the 30th.

The Attention of Waala Traditional Authority was drawn to the Video and as a result the two found in the video were subjected to flogging at the Wa Naa’s palace.

Videos were recorded in the process and afterwards shared on media platforms, the Royal Family through Secretary Of the Wa Naa, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim later denied knowledge of the Punishment metered out to the two in the Palace, the Police stepped inn afterwards and arrested three persons in connection with the flogging.

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