UW: Expect increase in Rent – Some Landlords in Wa

Houses in Wa

Some Landlords Including Hostel owners in Wa have indicated premedications to increase rent charges due to skyrocketing prices of building materials and utility terrifs in the country.

Price of cement had gone up in the past week from Ghc60 to 69 and other brands such as Dzata selling at Ghc75.

According to a landlord also a hostel owner by Name Ali Babruk in Bamahu, he stated that buildings have to undergo maintanace at some point and with the amount tenants are paying, maintaining buildings may be difficult, he added that renting is a business and as prices of goods and other services go up, they also need to increase charges to be able to afford those goods and services.

He blamed the decision to increase rent on certain Economic factors such as the ailing Cedi and high cost of living.

In an interview with a Student Tenant by name Lucy Osei at Bamahu, She disclosed paying Ghc2,500 for the period of 12 months, she added that some Colleague students informed her of the decision by their landlords to increase rent.

Cost of renting varies from on area to the other with Bamahu and Choko being the areas attracting relatively high rent charges.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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