I am in a dilemma, I got married last year to the love of my life. Honestly, I feel my man was perfectly made for me. However, we are struggling with life though.
We are broke and when I say we are broke, I mean broke to the extent that we live at the mercy of kind friends. Our financial problems started right after our extravagant wedding. Growing up, my dream was to have a fairytale wedding and that was exactly what my husband gave me.
He was able to throw my dream wedding. On my end, I also took bank loans to add to the money his Father gave him.

After the wedding, we couldn’t afford to rent so my husband’s father offered his home for us to live in because he was staying outside the country.

Despite the support He gave us, life has not been the same since we settled. Most of our monthly income goes into paying off the bank loans I took and the rest towards maintaining His Father’s home.
Most often than not, we are left with nothing after paying our bills. I got pregnant a month after our wedding and I have given birth now, life is hard!! I am sure you are wondering where my parents are? Hmmm, I cannot go home ohh.. during the wedding planning, I had frequent fights with my mum and when we reported to my husband’s father, he said my mum is a witch. Therefore, I haven’t spoken to her since I got married and she doesn’t know that I even have a baby.

Now, our biggest nightmare is, my father in-law is coming back to Ghana and is asking us to move from his place. Hmm.. how can we?

I can’t go to my parents and my husband can’t too also he has given an impression that we are well to do.

Please what do we do?

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