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The Upper West Region’s Immigration PRO Immigration Control Officer, ICO , Ibn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has Advocated against the Use of Social Media handles to create fear and panic within the Region.

He noted that several people have typed and shared information regarding terrorism and posted on platforms that had resulted in fear and panic. He referred to the development as unfortunate.

“Thank you very much Mba Wa Naa, respectfully Ghana Immigration Service is a state Institution that is not working in isolation, we are always in contact with the respective state security agencies and we are leaving no stone unturned, we’ve subscribed.tonthe maxim of see ‘something say something’, and we urged the people of this beautiful Upper West Region to also subscribe to it, when you see something you’ve got to say something and that will help us, lastly may I respectfully Indicate that the false alarms is putting undue pressure to the security Agencies in Upper West and we therefore suggest that please, whatever you want to put out there to the public domain in this era of sophistication of technology, you might sit in your room and just type something and forward it, the next minute it is all over the globe and that is actually putting pressure on the security agencies.”

He made the statements at Wa Naa’s Palace during an open floor discussion on Security related issues in the Upper West Region.


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