Fashion Exhibition – DHLTU

Students’ Fashion Show Exhibition was
Held at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University on Friday 8th January 2023 organized by the School’s Fashion Department.

Red Carpet modeling Exhibition and photoshoot took place with over 40 Students walking on the Red Carpet to showcase their well designed costumes and Textiles.

Some Notable Individuals present were Mr. Songsori Mulumba, Nadowli District Director of Upper West Centre for National Culture. Others include Balu Mohammed, a Media Personality from Radford FM in Sissala East Municipality.

Some Clothes and Textiles Designed according participating students was from motivation they derived from several cultural backgrounds Across the world including The culture of Akans and the Kente, Culture of Arabs, Igbos, Dagaaba, and Smocks, Sissala, Indians, Dagomba etc.

Order Of Appearance
Level 100 Students (Panel Dress)
Level 200 Students (Family Collection)

Awards were Presented to Deserving Winners by Judges of the Program.

Some students of Wa Technical Institute were also present to Observe the Occasion.

Some Third Years Showcased Woven Smocks in order to project thier culture to Guests Present.

Igbo Traditional Wears, American Traditional Wears, Ewe Traditional Wears, Occasional Wears etc.

Source: Upper West Media App

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