Secretary to Wa Naa, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim

Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV, the Overlord of the Waala Traditional Council, has finally accepted responsibility for the flogging of two young lovers at his palace over a leaked sex tape, saying the victims will also get married compulsorily in addition to the lashing.

Wa Naa’s latest position comes barely 24 hours after he, through his spokesperson, denied knowledge of the development and condemned it.

“Beside the flogging, parents of the boy and the girl will also agree to let the two get married and stay as a couple to serve as a deterrent to the youth to live upright lives,” he said, as quoted by

Wa Naa went further to explain that aside from instilling discipline and morality in the youth, the punishment forms part of measures the traditional council and opinion leaders in the municipality put in place to save its image and make it attractive to investors.

“The measure will also let people who come to Wa enjoy their stay and outsiders who have relatives will not be worried about their safety,” he said.

When his spokesperson spoke on Tuesday, May 31, the day the flogging video emerged online and sparked angry reactions, he condemned it, saying it would dent the reputation of the palace. He also vowed that perpetrators of the crime would be identified and brought to book

Source: Pulse Ghana

2 thoughts on “UW: Flogged Wa lovers will “get married” compulsorily – Wa Naa declares”
  1. Nonsense. Do joke with our sensibility. Our pride and image as a people is personified in the Overlord. Do dare play pranks with him. May you be fired and struck down by thunder and hail stones.

  2. I endorsed the stance of the overlord. Morality has gone down such that human behaviour is even less than goats and dogs. Lower class of animals now respects the secrecy of love making. They dont do such in the opening. They must be fine at Chief Palace again. They must bring items to purity the traditional area and banished like how twitches and wizards were handled. They must treat them with disdain and disrespect. It’s disgusting, disrespect, abominable.

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