Mr. Elvis Botah, Former NPP Parliamentary candidate for Nadowli-Kaleo

Former Deputy National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Elvis Banoemuleng Botah has suggested a punitive measure which will finally bring an end to corruption in the country.

According to him, Ghana should forget about human right and hang to death persons caught engaging in corruption in the country.

Mr Botah said every person found culpable of corruption or found to have superintended on the canker depriving Ghana of its fortunes must suffer same fate.

“Look, we look forward to that leadership in this country that is able to say enough of corruption, enough of it. If I become President today, trust me, let hang one or two corrupt officials. It either you have been directly involved in corruption or you have superintended over activities of corruption, let us hang”, he said

“Let forget about human right and hang two or three of them at the Independent Square. It part of the liberation of the Ghanaian people. Let us hang two or three people. Let us let two or three people go through very serious punishment for act of corruption and see whether people will continue to peddle corruption,” Mr Botah said.

He made the suggestion on Good Morning Africa on Pan African TV on Thursday, September 8.


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