Djawie Bridge has been left Unattended to

Residents of Djawie, a community in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region have mobilized resources to fix a broken bridge between Djawie and other adjoining communities .

The Assembly Member for Djarwie Electoral Area in the Sissala West District, Mr Salifu Imoro speaking to Info Radio about the initiative disclosed that, members of the community have taken upon themselves to mobilize both human and material resources to fix the broken bridge which has cut-off Djawie and other adjoining communities.

According to the Assembly member, several calls to the Sisaala West District Assembly and the government for the rehabilitation of the broken bridge and poor roads in the Djawie electoral did not yield any results from authorities, hence, members of the community taking the initiative to fix their broken bridge.

According to the Assembly Member, the broken bridge is a major bridge that connects many communities to major markets in the district capital. He said with the current state of the bridge, no vehicle can cross the bridge to access the district capital. Mr. Salifu disclosed that, a Cargo truck which tried to cross the bridge recently fell-off and nearly got deadly.

Mr Salifu also noted that pregnant women and people in critical condition cannot cross the bridge to access quality healthcare at the district hospital Gwollu.

He Therefore called on the Sisaala West District Assembly and the government to rehabilitate roads in his electoral area for the easy movement of goods and services in the area.

Source: Info Radio

One thought on “UW: Former Minister’s Hometown ‘Naglected’ By Gwollu Assembly”
  1. needs to be careful with their writeups. There is no assembly in the upper west region called Gwollu Assembly. Gwollu is the capital of the Sissala West District. The district is called the Sissala West District Assembly. Again the writer started by saying Djawie is in the Wa west District and goes on to say ‘the assembly member for Dwajie in the Sissala West District’. The grammar of most writeups on these platform is very poor.

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