Wa East GES Education Office in Wa

The District Chairman for Coalition of Concerned Teachers Association(CCT) Mr. Razak Osman has advocated against agitations and panic as issuance of Teachers License creates misunderstandings in parts of Upper West.

The Team of NTC Staff were in Wa West to Issue cards to professional teachers,  they moved to Wa Municipal and Wa East on the 12th,  13th of May and are currently in Jirapa.

Some teachers have complained of the cumbersome process whilst others have been denied a license due to data mismatch.

The Wa District Chairman has issued a Notice in that Regards.

“Good day colleague Teachers.I have been directed by our National Directorate to inform the affected teachers who were barred from registering for the NTC card to exercise patience.That,this exercise will have a mob-up to cater for teachers who have challenges such as;pupil teachers upgrading to professional teachers, inability to receive the NTC number after account loads 100%, arrangements of names etc.Teachers should not panic since there is assurance that ones Inability to obtain the card does not amount to termination of employment.GES has been notified of this issue and it’s branch(NTC) has been duly informed as well,hence there won’t be any need to hustle for the card.Thanks

Your servant: District Chairman CCT (Hon Rabbit)”


Source: Upperwestmedia.net




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