Mr. Claudius Dare Kuuyore, PRO of GES

A public relations officer for Ghana Education Service Division in Upper West Region, Mr. Claudius Dare Kuuyore has explained that, some teachers in the Service will still have to write the licensure exams to get their cards though being in the service, such affected teachers including those who obtained their Education certificates after 2017 won’t be issued cards without writing the exam.

Some In Service Teachers were issued their Professional Licensure Cards on the 12th of May 2022.


Information reaching management of the Directorate indicate that some teachers already in the service are asked to write for license examination to acquire the number before the identification cards are issued.

It is true but kindly take note of the following:

1. All staff of the Ghana Education Service who got their appointment letters before 1st October, 2018 are not to write examination with NTC.

2. Teachers who got appointment letters from 1st October, 2018 must acquire license number as the basis.

3. Pupil teachers who got their appointment even before 2018 and got upgraded after October

,2018 must still write and acquire the license number.

4. The appointment of pupil teachers then was subject to renewal in every year. For example, some pupil teachers were recruited in 2014 and they went for further studies and completed after October,2018 they will write to get a license number. Those category of teachers were temporary in the system until their diploma/degree program which qualified them as professional staff of the service.

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Issued by

Claudius Dare Kuuyore

(The Public Relations Officer)


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