Deputy CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority(GEPA), Mr. Samuel Dentu

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) established in 1969 by Act 369 as an agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry organized an open business engagement program to sensitize small scale and large scale business owners on the need the expert more finished goods and other products in order to develop the country and create more opportunities for job seekers.

Present at the Symposium’s venue, Bluehill Hotel in Wa on the 12th of October 2022 was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Mr. Samuel Dentu who spoke at length during the meeting.

He touched on several areas including the Need to Use export in strengthening the Ghana Cedi, he added that Exporters needed to be more creative in order to produce fascinating and reliable local goods and services for self sufficience and export to other countries.

He concluded by bemoaning the fact that half of the goods we consume are imported urging  creative thinkers to come on board in order to increase the export strength of the country.

Dr. Martin Akogti, a Spokesperson at the gathering highlighted on the need to set targets as Exporters, he noted that in 2020, export of local products such as fabrics and crafts accrued $4 Million for the country, he expressed optimism that the target for 2022 which is $10 million can be met.

He added that the Team of National Export Development Strategy District Sensitization Programmers will tour two clusters. Districts in Cluster 1 Include Lawra, Nandom and Jirapa whilst cluster two will host the following districts; Wa West and Wa East.

Madam Asana Ismail Standing (In Smock)

Chief Executive Officer of Assana Fashion, Madam Asana Ismail expressed enthusiasm and gratification for the Assistance she has had from the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Ghana Export Promotion Authority(GEPA), she added that through the support she had received, she was able to travel over 30 countries to market her fabrics.

Some Popular Goods business owners and stakeholders can Export from Upper West Region Include Shea Nut, Cashew, Shea Butter, Groundnut Paste, Smocks.


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