Wiyaala (left), Etornam (right)

A social media personality and NGO Activist from the Volta Region by name Rita Etornam Sey has been taken to task by several people in the North of Ghana for falsely claiming that girls in the North use Clay as Sanitary pad during menstruation.

Etornam has been on several media platforms such as TV3, GTV Ghana spewing such falsehood in order to gain some financial returns for her NGO and projects. She made the statements during the word menstrual hygiene Day.

“…let’s make sure that we pay attention to our good menstrual hygiene, knowing very well what some of the girls use when they are menstruating, over the places we have been to, the girls use all manner of materials for menstruation, so use newspapers, some use Clay, we went to the north, some of the girls use Clay as substitute for sanitary pad, people use reading materials, text books that we donated..”

A Songstress my stage name Wiyaala has gone out to condemn Etornam’s statements on the Media, labeling them as false, she dared Etornam to show evidence of her claims.

“To my dear Sister Rita Etornam Sey. You are lying!

Northern girls have NEVER used CLAY for PADS during menstruation ๐Ÿฉธ

TV3 Ghana

GTV Ghana



Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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