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28th May every year is considered a Menstrual Hygiene Day which is celebrated across the globe to ensure the eradication of myths and misconceptions about menstruation among women.

Madam Zoyari Gladys in the quest to reduce the myths and menstrual intimidation the girl-child passed through during menstruation in school-going days has chosen to distribute Sanitary pads and offer comprehensive education to female school-going children within selected remote areas of the Wa West District on how to use the sanitary pads.

Speaking to these young teenagers, Mr. Francis Edward Dongyiri the former Lassia Parish Youth Council (PYC) Chairman and a journalist in Gangaa Fm Jirapa indicated that it is very essential to consider the menstrual hygiene of the girl-child in remote areas because they sometimes find it difficult to get access to sanitary pads when they menstruate.

He noted that these young ones end up using outmoded materials in replace of sanitary pads which end up affecting them with other forms of ailments hence the decision of the Lassia Tuolu Parish Youth Council.

Mr. Ruben Naamuo the current PYC Chairman of Lassia Parish cited menstruation as one reason that continues to widen the gender equality gap since the menstruated girl has to stay in the house for four to five days period before she returns to school because of a lack of sanitary pads and comprehensive education and so the education will propel them to school even in their menstruation to help breach the gender equality gap.

Mr. Francis Edward Dongyiri added that Glazoya is known for their concern about the girl child that resulted in the current harden Ghanaian society that would make a poor parent to offer pads for their girls to avoid requesting from men which may result them in unnecessary pregnancies and early parenting.

Speaking on behalf of Gladys Zoyari (Glazoya), Francis indicated that the distribution of sanitary pads to young and poor females of the area if she gets more people that might donate to her to support the poor but needy girls and she will be keen to ensure the continuation of the project to alleviate menstrual-related problems from the students indicating that this is piloting exercise.

She finally pleaded with our mothers to show greater concern for the menstrual issues of their female wards to keep them safe from being impregnated by men who may use the purchase of sanitary pads as a yardstick to have sexual intimacy with them.

So Gladys cautioned the young men who use sanitary pads as a yardstick to have sexual affairs with the girl-children to put a stop to that because it will cause them a lot when they get pregnant Mr. Francis added.

The youth of the Parish were so excited over the good work Glazoya Help foundation have done for them. These items were shared among poor but needy young girls in Nyoli, Ga, Ponyetanga, Chogsia and Domangyili which all of these Catholic Youth centered at Nyoli. The church chairman Mr. Chuchiitey Mathew and the Catechist Mr Tuokanwono Anthony express their gratitude and prayers to Glazoya for the Support and caution the youth chairman to continue requesting to support the poor but needy young girls in the parish.

Source Francis Edward Dongyiri Former PYC Chairman/ Gangaa Fm

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