Shea Fruits

Mr Alfred Akolgo, the Executive Director for Golden Shea, a shea butter producing and marketing company, has called on both traditional and civil authorities to enforce compliance with laws that restrict the felling of Shea trees.

He said the shea is an important economic tree that improves the livelihoods of people, especially women in the Upper West Region, and so should not be cut down.

He observed that shea trees along most major roads in the region are being cut for construction and other real estate development purposes.

He said the phenomenon has deprived women of a source of income for footing their medical, educational and other utility bills.

Mr Akolgo said the Golden Shea company took it upon themselves to sensitize people in communities about the need to protect the shea trees, knowing the importance of the trees to the people’s economic lives.

He said community leaders including Assembly Members have been supportive of the sensitization activities but called for further collaboration.

The Golden Shea Director indicated that the shea was becoming a very sought-after commodity due to its usefulness in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

He said the Golden Shea has been and looks forward to, empowering women to add value to the shea butter they produce.

The Golden Shea Company works with, and through, women cooperatives formed and supported in communities in the Upper West Region.

Source: Info Radio

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