Muslims at the Wa Jubilee Park.

The National Hajj Board has increased cost of flight tickets to Mecca for Islamic Prayer from Ghc15, 000 to Ghc 39, 000 for the 2022 pilgrimage year.

This was revealed by Ismael Saani Abacha, a Journalist with Home Radio Network in the Wa Municipality.


“Finally Hajj 2022 fair is out 39,000 Ghana cedis(390 million old Ghana cedis ) equivalent to $5000 for those who want to perform hajj and those who have already paid since last 2 years will add 2,000 ghana cedis(20 million ) old Ghana cedis. First flight is scheduled for 21st June 2022.”

The Hajj Board has indicated that people above 64years cannot travel this year for Hajj, they added that people who haven’t taken the covid-19 Vaccine cannot also travel adding that one has to take the booster vaccine as well to qualify for the pilgrimage. People without travel passport can visit the Passport Office in Wa for guidelines.


One thought on “UW: Hajj Board increases Price of Hajj Tickets by over 120%”
  1. What is the reason for the age limit of 64 years to perform this year’s Hajj?
    Is there anywhere in the Quran or Hadiths which says so.
    This does not follow Islamic teachings and practice.
    The Hajj Board is wrong and must rescind their decision on the age limitation.

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