Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim, Secretary to Overlord of Waala Traditional Area

Dumba Festival is celebrated yearly by the chiefs and people of the Waala Paramouncy in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

It is usually celebrated in the month of September and October depending on the Islamic calendar.

Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV

It is also celebrated by the chiefs and People of NorthEast ,Savannah and Northern region by Gonjas, Dagombas, Mamprusis all of NorthernGhana in different months as Damba.

Though it is celebrated to mark the birth and Naming of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) However, the actual content of it celebration is to glorify the chieftaincy kingdom,foster peace and unity and above all an opportunity to address issues of importance in the nation.

It is usually celebrated within a week amidst ritual performances by the Chiefs,Tendaamba,Imams,the Forokos and Yari Naamina together in wa.

During the festival, visitors are invited and welcomed to share food and drinks,Pomp and Pageantries.

Traditional dancers and modern day local artiste and singers are invited from within and across to do live stage performance both day and night.

During the celebrations, they put on expensive and beautiful heavy traditional clothes and there is a durbar of chiefs and many who comes from far to catch glimpse of traditional and spiritual activities on grounds,drumming and dancing.

It is important to Note!that the four traditional royal gates that are the successors to the throne include the Yijiila,Naa Kpaha,Jonyuola and Naa Jerra who are represented by the Busa Naa Ali Seidu Pelpuo Yelmaana,
Guli Naa Seidu Braimah Nubalanaang,Sing Naa Issahaku Mahama and Kperisi Naa Abudulai Abubakari Kunjokuu (II)respectively.

At the climax,the overlord of the Wala traditional kingdom is expected to perform certain spiritual activities off camera and audio recording before coming out publicly in his traditional outfit to Jump over the cow to signifies his healthiness and preparedness to remain as a strong king for the next year in his kingdom.

Jumping over the cow,strong men held firmly a healthy strong cow lowered to the ground as the chief led by some spiritual men to be going round the cow as the imams are vigorously reciting the Holly Quran until the overlord unexpectedly jump over the cow barefooted to receive crowd applaud then taken inside his palace to prepare and meet strangers,

Guest of honour and special guest of honour amidst drumming and dancing by multi tribes from all walks of live.

This years Dumba is under the theme:”Combating the Emerging Threats of Violent Extremism and terrorism in Ghana The Role of Traditional Authorities”

with Guest of honor as the overlord of Mamprusi kingdom and special guest of honour as his Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.


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