Naa Dikomwine Domalae, the President of the Upper West Regional House Chiefs (URHC)

The Paramount Chief of Dafaima Traditional Area Naa Dikomwini Domalae has expressed gratitude to Busa Naa Naa Ali Seidu Pelpuo Yelmaana for honoring calls from Dafiama Traditional Area During Festivities.

He delivered the Speech at the Busa Youth Homecoming Festival on 29th December 2022 in Busa.

He Noted that the close ties between Dafiama and Busa goes a long way beyond centuries, he added that people of Busa and Dafiama are one people and have lots of things in Common.

“…amongst all visitors who attended our Festival, the largest number comes from Busa, our people are not surprised at all, we as Kids, we were all told our relationship with Busa, at that time we did not even know where Busa was, whether it was at the north the east or West but this was what we heard and this of course we know dates back to hundreds of years,

centuries not just some 40-50 years ago no, so for our people to remember this, that we have the same Origin, we originated from the same place with this we still remember each other it’s great, this is one thing that… As we were coming here we said we were coming home, Busa is our home, it’s our real home, that is what everyone in Dafiama believes and we will take it as such…”


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