Koose is a cultural delicacy and has been part of us for over a century.

It’s a quality meal we have to behold because it contains close to 0% calories, glucose or fats. This means taking it every evening or afternoon can trim down calories or fats in your body.

It’s rich in protein and made from beans, one can mix cabbage in it to further enrich it with more balanced diet food components.

Do you koose is rich in Iron?

The iron in the Koose is vital mineral that is needed by hemoglobin to carry oxygen throughout the body.

The beans provides an important source of iron. People with iron deficiency anemia may experience breathlessness, fatigue, and heart palpitations.

It’s easy To find Koose in all parts of Upper West Region especially during market days, on Normal days, some women still prepare it in Market places including Nandom Market, Sankana Market, Sombo Market, Takpo Market, Gwollu, Nyoli, Bulenga, Funsi, Lambussie, Lawra Markets etc

In Wa, You Can Find Koose close to the Wa Military Barracks, few Maters after the Wa Jubilee Park, close to Mangu Junction etc, you can add your favorite Joint.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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