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Over 10,000 People buy new Motorbikes and register them in the Upper West Region due to the convenience in using bikes in the Region, bikes have served as resources through which several public and private sector workers save money to develop in one way or the other.

In Upper West, the Average rider spends Ghc350 on fuel monthly, far different from what car owners use in fueling for a month, an average car owner uses Ghc1,550 in fueling their car in a month, a development that affects middle income earners.

Due to hikes in fuel Prices several people have resorted motorbikes in order to save more resources including cash.

How much does it cost to register a motorbike in Upper East Region.

To register a motorcycle in Upper East Region, one needs approximately Ghc320 to be able to go through the process and get a number plate. This was disclosed by a native of Wa currently within Bolgatanga.

Meanwhile, some riders in Wa have also Alleged that one needs not less than Ghc400 to register his or her Motorbike.


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