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The Upper West Regional Coordinating Council in the past few weeks had carried out an audit to eliminate ghost names from the government’s payroll.

The Exercise begun on the 11th of July meanwhile the notification was issued on first July 2022. Twenty Two departments were shortlisted for auditing within the Region.

Details Below


Reference to letter number CAGD/PM/2022/06/01 dated on 10th June, 2022 and DG/02/2022/33 dated 20 June, 2022 isued by controller and accountant general
department and the Internal Audit Agency respectively on the “Implementation of Directive and Policy Measures Announced by the Minister for Finance” and Expenditure

Rationalization Measures Announced by the Office of the President on 19th April, 2022 for compliance by all Heads of Covered Entities. (MDAs, MMDAs, SOES) and all Public Entities that subsist on Public Funds.

2. Per the above reference ietters I write to officially inform you that the Regional Internal Audit Unit of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council will undertake head count of all the staff of the RCC, the RCC Departments and Decentralized Departments of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council to validate the existence of persons on the payroll.

3. The audit team will like to inform management of the affected institutions that the audit assignment will be done in accordance with all the applicable financial Laws, regulations, and other relevant laws of the states

4 The under listed documents are needed

I. Staff list with their ranks.

ii.Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV)
iii. National identification card (Ghana card)
IV.Nominal Roll
V. Appointment letter
VI. Last promotion letter
VIl. Current pay Siip

Please find the attached letters from CAGD, Internal Audit Agency and schedule for the various departments for your study.

5.Counting on your Fullest Cooperation.

Thank you.

Department of Community Development
Department of Social Protection
Department of Women
Department of Children
Public Works Department
Department of Parks and Gardens
Department of Housing
Town and Country Planning
National Board for Small Scale Industries

Registry of Birth and Death
Statistical service
Department of Feeder Roads
Department of Urban Roads
National Sports Authority
National Youth Authority
Ghana Library Authority
Department of Agriculture
Department of Agricultural Engineering
Veterinary Service Department
Department of Education
Department of Health.






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