Police Brutality in Wa

Some Youth of Wa Municipality have gone haywire on several platforms after a young man was reportedly shot dead at Degu on 8th of March 2023, He was believed to have been shot by anti Robbery police men on duty.

Some Youth groups that have stayed outside their homes for long hours into the night were also affected, a camp by name Kpafiebaa in Duori was put to a state of shock on the 5th of March when the Anti robbery group stormed the camp and allegedly assaulted some youth there.

This and many other Developments haven’t gone down well with the youths of Wa, triggering a demonstration against the Developments in Wa Township on 10th of March 2023 .

Some Reactions to the Development

Aziz Farwest Empire Boi on Thursday, March 9th 2023.

Please guys this thing is not a joke,everyone of us should know where and how u move in the night. You might be shot dead 💀 innocently . Everyone is quite as if nothing is happening in the region”

A Walid Jnr Today, 10th March 2023.

“Why is it easy for Ghana security to kill citizens?

Ghana police has allegedly shot & killed an innocent youngman in Wa again😭”

Adil Fuseini, Journalist on Thursday, 9th March 2023.

“It happens as if, no one is in Authority
Is UW Regsec oblivious to the situation,
Irresponsible Policing is a threat to our security”

Zakaria Abdul Samad, Friday, 10th March 2023.

“Those police task going around killing Us careless isn’t good. The regional minister must seek justice for poor soul. Let’s keep prepared and protect our selfs.😭”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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