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Getting your money back from people who borrow it has  become ‘hell’ partly due to the state of the economy and the attitude of people based on how they were brought up.

Some people give you an attitude when its time to pay your money back because of how they got the money from you.

If you want people to pay back your money when they borrow it,  the first thing to do is to give it to them through a means you can recall or record,  such means are through mobile money transaction,  some people refuse to pay because they know you have no evidence to take them on but once they know there is a record,  they will develop fear in them because you can use the printed statement of the transaction to take them on.

To add to that,  ensure the process is communicated via reliable sources such as whatsapp in order to have the records to refer to when the need to take them on arises.

Furthermore,  ensure the process of request is recorded if the individual involved calls you on phone,  keep the recording and agreements in it recorded voice just incase the person decides not to pay and tries to misbehave or proves defensive. Forward it to the nearest Police Station and attach the voice or snapshots as evidence.

Lastly,  make sure you have lots of loan company contacts on your phone,  institutions that give quick or instant loans,  when such a development arises,  give the contacts of those firms to such people to go for the loan,  if they refuse or give excuses,  be sure that they want to use you to get money,  they won’t pay back. Some people will turn down the suggestion to get loans from institution because of their intentions,  which is that,  they don’t want to pay.

Having enough evidence of a transaction or an agreement puts you on point and gets you closer to getting your money or resources back. Demanding for your money back or using the right approach in getting it is not bad or can not be tagged evil,  if it is tagged evil then be careful with the circle of friends you have around you,  they are dishonest,  get new friends after taking action.

In a related development,  technical workers who are called upon to work and are owed for the first day should not continue the work if it should be completed in subsequent days. Money for the previous work done should be taken first.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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