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At a very young age, I had several friends and growing up in a community, life was the hard way, we were told lots of mysterious Stories about women, some of Which are that, women are too over demanding and difficult to maintain. The other issue is that fair ladies are possessed and act weird in relationships.

After University, I got married to my first wife and we lived happily, I had time for her and we had pleasure, after some months she became pregnant and the feeling was deeper than I thought until she was put to bed in July 2013, that was when I had pity for her and also lost interest in Intimacy, I was told by a doctor that I needed to keep my distance for a cut in her to heal, going by the doctor’s statement, I was disgusted, merely hearing of the word ‘sore’.

For over a week, I started looking elsewhere, I got this lovely high school girl and we got in touch, at a point we started visiting a few hotels, I forgot of home though I was providing everything the house needs including food, paying the bills etc. At a point my wife thought I was only going by the doctor’s directive by avoiding her. It Continued for almost 7 months and by then my wife became alarmed, questioned my actions and it further pushed me away, I went elsewhere and rented an apartment got married to my high school lover and we lived in a rented apartment for about 6 Months, she got pregnant and along the line a friend of mine paid a visit to my house and realized it was locked, he called to Inform me of the development and asked if I had travelled outside, I told him I was in town but having some honeymoon rest with my new found wife.

Few days later, I received a message from my wife.

“Hello, since you’ve decided to leave me helpless all alone with your blood, I have decided to move on with my life, the baby is currently with your Mother, I don’t know the Reason for your decision to abandon your home but I just hope I never offended you.”.

After receiving the message I returned home with my new found love with a sigh of relief, by then she was due for childbirth and we went to the hospital, she gave birth to a baby girl and afterwards, my appetite for her dropped down, I had the believe that once a woman gives birth, that part will never be the same, I feel she develops a permanent cut that never heals, I feel there are scars there and getting along with her will cause her pains so I begun avoiding her till some few days went by, my friend visited home and saw my wife, he spoke with her at length and that got my thinking a lot. At a point, he left and  I called to question if he knew her from somewhere, he affirmed and told me that girl was a Past Student of his, he added that the girl had 2 children already from two past relationships and the kids are currently with her mother.

This got me thinking and wondering because I had Carnal knowledge of her and she never complained of pains, her part was still tight and lovely even after two kids.

This prompted me to quickly go back after my first wife, I became so confused but I thought it was necessary to return to my wife. I deceived myself with wild thoughts.


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