Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area, Hon. Topie Karim









Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area who doubles as Presiding Member for Wa Municipal Assembly, Mr. Toppie Karim has admonished roamers to be careful with eating too many Shea fruits when they find themselves in bushes or forest in certain instances.

He explained that without water close to you, there is a likelihood you would collapse or struggle for your life incase no one is close.

“There was a time I went to Hain in the Jirapa Municipality to transport is cow to Wa, at Hain, I went into the bush with my cow and got stranded without any idea of where I was, I loitered about for some time in the bush and resorted to eating some Shea Fruits, after eating a significant number, I felt so thirsty to the extent that I felt weak, at some point I struggled with my cow to drink it’s urine but I couldn’t due to the level of thirst i felt, there was no water close, no dam, no stream, I felt helpless”.

The Assembly Member added that he kept moving about in the bush till he saw a farmer who directed him to a nearby community called Nindowaala, he walked from Nindowaala to Hain but collapsed at the Station, he was quickly assisted by people close by.
He revealed the development in an Interview with Nuhu Sualah on Sungmaale FM’s Personality Profile, 3rd of October 2022.


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