Getting a partner was my next premeditation after I was done with my Tertiary Education and focused on my business as a Poultry Farmer.

I met this beautiful young lady, very gentle but a bit social, I was on a bike from Kambali to a friend’s place so I stopped to say Hi, at first she acted Uncouth and ignored me when I said hi, but I ignited my bike closer, I greeted and she responded, I told her she looked familiar and mentioned a name, she said she wasn’t that person I described.

I started a conversation and suggested I wanted to be her friend, after I said that, she stared at the bike I was riding, it was a Haojue Motorcycle and I was in an official suit wear so she smiled and gave out her contact.

I called in the evening and suggested we meet at a quiet and harmonious place. She agreed and by 7pm we were set, I went to her place of residence and picked her up, we went to Joy Zone in Kpaguri and relaxed for some time, we took some Jollof and some coconut water. I told her my intentions for her, discussed marriage and she told me it was too early, I told her I wasn’t getting younger and added that she was such a caring friend and would be a good partner but she insisted she wanted more time to think of it. I gave her more time but as usual I had to drop the chop Money of Ghc20 daily, it became a norm, even if I wasn’t present to give it out physically, she would call demanding MoMo.

Few days on, I invited her to my house and she spent the night at my house, by then we had finished with the fourth round so I went fast asleep, she woke me up at 5am in the Morning and told me to transport her home, I did that and upon arrival she told me she needed some money because their electricity was exhausted and they had to go and buy some units from VRA. I gave her some money Including her usual ‘chop money’ before returning home to have my bath. In the process of bathing, I received a call I couldn’t answer so I had to finish what I was doing in the bathroom before returning the call, guess what, it was my Junior brother in school, he told me they were to write an exam and the Institution threatened to prevent him from writing if he doesn’t clear all debts he owed summing up to Ghc1,860. By then, I had Ghc3,100 in my MoMo Account, I transferred an amount of Ghc2,000 into his account and the transaction failed, I thought it was the network so I tried checking my balance only to realize I had Ghc600 in my wallet.

I became surprised and couldn’t fathom it, so I had to call the network Company, I call and I was told to check my mini statement through *170#, I did it and realized an amount of Ghc2500 was transferred from my account to a certain number.

I went to the nearest MTN office opposite Wa Community Center and I was given a mini statement, I took out the number and realized it was that of my girlfriend I intended to marry. I was shocked and sat for about 30 minutes without being able to utter a word, I trusted her so much to the Extend that she could even use my MoMo Wallet to buy airtime.

I called her on phone the next morning and told her we needed to talk, she got prepared and we went to our usual Joy Zone Kitchen in Kpaguri. I sat there with her and told her I knew what she did, I told her to return the money she transferred.

She expressed shock and said I was accusing her falsely. She swore to my face that she never transferred money from my wallet, at that point I showed her the statement from MTN and she was quiet for a moment, at that point she knew I was sure, so she admitted transferring the money but told me her mother needed some money to clear of some loans, she added that her mother took some loans and the microcredit unions were after her so it lured her into transferring my money, she refunded Ghc1,500 which i added to the Ghc600 left in the wallet to transfer to my brother. She has pledged it won’t happen again and I have forgiven her.

The day is set and I have received 6 unanswered calls already, she has been calling.

I really wanted her but I don’t think I can leave the rest of my life with a thief.


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