Dear Admin, Thanks for this platform, I got married in 2011 and had a smooth marriage till my husband started seeing someone else, according to my husband, my libido was below his and as a result he had to resort to another woman in order to gain the needed satisfaction.

This lady I’m referring to was his co worker back in Dafiama-Bussie-Issa District before he left the district back to Wa to reside with me.

Whilst he was with me, he rented an apartment close to Bamahu and accommodated his secret lover there, I got to know this because a friend of mine spotted him there severally and at a point she drew my attention to my husband’s constant visit to the area, I went there to see things for my self and one faithful afternoon, I saw my husband heading towards a house, I stayed calm and monitored him till I got to know where he was heading towards, I took notice of the house and opened my eyes wide, anytime my husband left home, I went after him to monitor where he was heading towards, it’s nothing different, the same Bamahu area and not surprising to me, the same house.

He attitude continued till he told me he was planning to get married in a few months to come, I was dumbfounded and confused at that instance, I consulted my friend and she advised that there was a very powerful spiritualist that could be of help, she admitted the man has Supported lots of ladies to keep their homes intact. I opted to try her solution and upon meeting the Spiritualist, he advised me to give him some concoctions to drink, he suggested I put it in his food to eat and afterwards his mind will get off his to be wife.

I went out, put myself together for the task and served my husband some food together with the concoction, he ate the food and became aggressive, he he stopped going out and stayed home for longer periods of time, he talked less and stopped making calls.

At a point I became worried so i stopped putting the concoction in his food and called my spiritualist to find out if my husband’s behavior Was normal, he said it was normal and that he would be fine.

I became excited once again and continued putting it in his meals just to stop him from getting married to a second wife.

One faithful afternoon, I took my children from school to the house, upon arriving home, I met nobody at home, so I called my husband’s phone number, it didn’t go through till someone picked up, it was a nurse and she told me my husband was admitted in the Hospital, she added that he was affected by food poisoning and his chances of surviving was minor.

I became scared and knew where the issue was coming from but I had to rush to the hospital, I got there and sat by him, he held my hand and told me to pray for him, he told me lot of things and pleaded for me to forgive him, he said I was special. Later in the night, he passed away.

Did I really kill my husband, I can’t believe this, where am I going after this, no! I was deceived but I can’t tell anybody what happened.

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One thought on “UW: I Needed My Husband’s Attention: But the Spiritualist Killed Him…”
  1. Most definitely you led him to his death because the fear for a second wife which engineer your first step itself was in the wrong direction. I guess your husband was a Muslim and if so why was it new to you about him marrying a second wife. You got it all wrong to even have leaked your family challenges to a third party which happens to be a woman.
    Your husband married you because he luved you and according to Islam man must marry inorder to produce children and if kids are not coming then you keep praying to God for some.
    Your libilo issue could have been solved through other ways, meet the doctor, marriage counselors etc.
    You could hv even been able to talk him out of the second wife issue just for your greediness.
    For me you led him to his death, God takes live but something always trigger it.

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