Mr. Karim Topie, Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area

The Current Presiding Member of Wa Municipal Assembly who.doubles as Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area, Hon. Karim Topie has declared his stance on propaganda and lies in politics.

In an interview with Nuhu Sualah on Sungmaaale FM’s personality profile, Yesterday, 3rd October 2022 , Mr. Topie Indicated that he stopped propaganda in 2016 after series of thoughts.

“I love politics but the only issue I have with politics is the fact that lies have taken over, one problem I have is the fact that people believe one must lie in politics, since I have been with the Wa Municipal Assembly, on 1 January 2016, I went to the Assembly’s Finance Office to me a Finance Officer only known as Emma, we had an interaction, I made a new year resolution by then pledging that from then I won’t want to ever engage in lies or deceit. The Account Officer was amazed and quizzed of I quited politics, I was inquisitive to know why he attributed politics to lies but he was of the opinion that people can’t engage in politics without lies”.

Propaganda is a Communication strategy used in luring people into nursing a concept you intend to put in place as a bait to win political power, a concept that may not be realised in the future.



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