Award Winning Artiste within the Spheres of Ghana, Raphius Amigos has disclosed that the Upper West Music Industry isn’t getting the Necessary Support they should be getting, he went further to add that some people look at music as a work that deserves Charity donation and not investments.

He sited instances where programs demanding about Ghc100,000 to succeed are instead getting donations of Ghc500, Ghc1000 which is not enough.

“In the industry we don’t get the necessary support, i started this campaign years back, at a time when most of these artiste were not in the scene, usually people don’t approach the industry with the mindset of business, they approach with the mindset of giving you a token to aid in your activities, instead of proposing a budget like Ghc100, 000 or Ghc200, 000 for music development, they rather give out amounts such as Ghc500 or Ghc1, 000 knowing very well it cannot take you anywhere..”

He continued that some industry players including Entertainment Journalists do not support artistes, he detailed that such media men only criticize without supporting their songs, he added that they claim Artistes do not use Social media to their advantage yet they(journalists) do nothing on their part to project such Artistes.

Raphius concluded that someone can give out Ghc100 to support one’s carrier,  thinking such an amount is enough as concerned person but wouldn’t understand that that amount can’t Work magic In his career.

“Another Point is that these young guys, someone can give you Ghc100 and feel that they have ever given Raphius Ghc100 so such people don’t know music and the money it requires to bring out quality music, so they’ll go to some underground artistes with such amounts in order to create the impression that we are ungrateful but the fact is that such amoungs can’t develop one in music,  there were instances where people were against me for saying people in Upper West do not aupport their own,  in 2017,  there were songs composed agaimst me with others using social media in attacking me”.

He urged people in upper west to support music with enough cash Capital and media influence.


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