ASP Adongo Apiiya

The Wa Municipal Crime Officer, ASP Adongo Apiiya in an interview with Nuhu Sualah on Upper West Connect has explained that, a man who flauts a woman’s directive to halt during sexual intercourse has committed a crime by raping the woman and can be sentenced to Jail.

He explained the development on the Topic ‘Gender-Based Violence and its Legal Matters’ at Sungmaale FM on 16th of June 2023.

ASP Adongo also noted that a man who penetrates damsel below the age of 16 has defiled that person whilst one who penetrates a damsel above 16 years has raped the lady.

“…when a woman consents with you to have sex with her, there is no problem with that, mind you, consent must be complete, you don’t have half consent, means that when you are having sexual intercourse with a woman and in the process that woman asks you to stop, you have to comply, you can’t continue because at that particular moment, she lost the consent for you to have sex with her, meaning that you have to stop, people keep on saying that at that point it’s not possible for you to withdraw but the law states that when one is at that stage and someone is holding a fun behind you, you should be able to stop because it’s a mindset, so once it’s a mindset you should be able to stop. If you continue, the rest is not consent, it means that you are raping the Woman after the consent so you must make sure that you comply..”.

ASP Adongo has Advocated against sexual assault on women in the Upper West Region.


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