Mr. Naeem Ahmed

After we have been created, everything that happens to us whether consciously or unconsciously, we create it by ourselves. This is because everything that is occurring to us is passing through our minds.

When you are a sane person and you turn around and see the evidence of madness and disorder around you, it shows that you are not applying yourself creatively and consciously to the order in nature.

Once our minds are a gateway to our emotions, our emotions are the magnetic effect of our thoughts. As we think, so do we attract.  So the things that we think about we attract because our minds are open to those things and situations.

Orderliness is kind of gatekeeping that allows the human mind to open to the world that we want to create. It is that with your mind as a variable, you are equal to everything that you want to be.

Mathematically, it is just a matter of equating your mind to whatever that you want to bring into your life. If you put your mind in order you can never live in disorder. People that are mad attract nothing but madness and disorder in their lives. Wellbeing and orderliness are associates within the same department of our lives.

A.G. Naeem Ahmed

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