Youth Of Upper West

The Upper West Region after 1932 was officially combined with Upper East Region and made a Region called Upper Region, it was later divided into Upper East and West in 1983. Upper West Districts by then were Tumu-Lawra District and Wa District.

Map Below

According to Mamprugu Kaya Ni Ta’ada, history has been told

This is the map of the Northern Territories in 1932 made of six (6) Districts with each District representing the jurisdictions of the various Overlords.

Wa Township

The Districts were;
1. Mamprusi District
2. Dagomba District
3. Gonja District
4. Wa District
5. Lawra/Tumu District
6. Krachi District

The Mamprusi District as seen in the map comprises present day North East and Upper East regions of Ghana all under the jurisdictions of the Nayiri, King of the Mamprugu kingdom. Three(3) notable town were in the Mamprusi District and they were, Gambaga, Bawku and Bolgatanga.

Tumu in Sissala East Municipality

There were sub Chiefs under the Overlords of this six Districts but there was no Overlord anywhere aside the Overlords of the Districts above. Overlords are not created in 2020 neither are kingdoms founded in 2020.

Every kingdom has a founder. Tohugu, son of Naa Gbewaa founded the Mamprugu kingdom. Shitobu son of Naa Gbewaa founded the Dagbon kingdom. Mantambu son of Naa Gbewaa founded the Nanung kingdom. Ndewura Jakpa founded the Gonja kingdom. Wa Naa Sualia founded the Waala kingdom, and so on and so forth.

It should however be noted that, the Mamprusi District was subsequently partitioned into Mamprusi North and Mamprusi South. With Mamprusi North being present day Upper East region and Mamprusi South being present day North East region. The Dagomba District was further partitioned into Dagomba East and Dagomba West. The Gonja District was further partitioned into Gonja East and Gonja West.

History is indeed sweet!
The Ancient Mamprugu kingdom live on!

Source: Mamprugu Kaya Ni Ta’ada

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