Wa Market

Lots of international traders have visited the upper west region to engage in trading as permitted by the Economic Community of West African States.

Quality is something states shouldn’t back down on because of the dire consequences of losing huge sums of money to inferior gadgets.

Lots of phone appliances and gadgets being sold in the Wa market are inferior, some Sources upper west media team spoke to agreed that common gadgets that have not yielded the expected value compared to money they spend are phone chargers, memory or SD Cards, Keypad phones and headsets or earphones, several millions of Ghana Cedis are lost monthly due to influx of such substandard goods in the Upper West Region through our borders.

Several stakeholders in the information Technology Industry have called for stiff measures to be put in place in order to address such concerns. Over 1 million Cedis are lost monthly to purchase of inferior IT products or gadgets in the Upper West Region alone.

Also, in the electronics industry, several people have complained of how inferior copper and other wires have Destroyed their buildings due to development of electric faults resulting in fire outbreaks.

The Ghana Standards Authority under the Ministry of Trade and Industry has been called upon to look into the developments in order to address them.

Source: upperwestmedia.net

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