A Social Media and Music Lover from Vieri in the Upper West Region by Name David Eddy Wullah has come out to express distaste with how Wiyaala is treated in the Showbiz Circles of Ghana.

In his statements posted on Social Media, David Wullah Indicated that Wiyaala’s Show of how diverse of Rich culture is should have been projected in our Ghanaian Media Circles but he doesn’t seem to see enough of that.


Wiyaala is one of the most iconic international artiste in Ghana! I don’t understand why the media, bloggers, and the industry people don’t celebrate or talk much about her? Her intelligent, culturally rich and smart artistic disposition is an overriding if not overwhelming representation of what the job is all about!

Is it because she’s not mostly “naked” or demonstrates nudity? She’s not paying bribes? I don’t want to say because she’s from the North (Upper West)?

Her work is an academic course to be studied in our Universities!

And we see same Industry people complaining everyday that our artistes are not doing well on the international stages? Wiyaala is a footballer?

What is the challenge?

E hard oooh 😁

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Source: Upper West Media App

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