Mr. Ernest Maaldu of Upper West Regional Rent Control Department (Left)

Upper West Regional Director of Rent Control Department, Mr. Ernest Maaldu has Explained why landlords are not Obliged to give tenants extra three months duration to reside in their houses.

The Director indicated that tenants can be given more time to stay in a rented house but there is no law that will take any landlord or landlady on should he or she decide it evacuate a tenant.

“When you secure a room as a tenant, after paying your rent, you should renew immediately the rent expires but if you intend to leave, your landlord can decide to give you some time to organize yourself and within that period you should pay monthly rent till you leave, it’s not free, your landlord can also offer you some time for free but there isn’t any mandatory policy behind that”.

Section 25 of the Rent Act stipulates the need for landlords to refund unexpired rent to tenants should they decide to park out.

Rent Control is Under the Umbrella of the Ministry of Works and Housing.

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