Late Titus Polikuu

Late Former Deputy Regional Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Polikuu Titus was to Pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Law At SDD-UBIDS after receiving an admission for the 2022/23 Academic Year.

He aspired to be Upper West Regional Youth Organizer in a fiercely contested Regional NDC Elections held in November 2022. He lost to Mr. Basiera Sankara, Former District Chief Executive of Wa West.

Mr. Titus was an Information and Communication Technology Teacher with Wa School for the Death before he passed on 5th February 2023.

He was involved in an Accident on the Wa-Bamahu Road after a Ssanyong Mini Bus Veered of it’s lame in order to dodge a pothole but mistakingly crushed the Former Regional NDC Executive to Death.

His body was conveyed to the Wa Municipal Hospital pending Investigations.


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