Mr. Tahiru Lukman, CEO of Ideapath Consult

The Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath Consult, Tahiru Lukman has blamed Human right activists for the growing rot in society. He made the comments after some group of people condemned the act of flogging two adults spotted to have recorded their nudity.

He added that such activists only come inn to defend wrong doings rather than campaigning for the right thing to be done.


Shari’a law in not practiced in Ghana because we are a secular state.

Also, customary laws cannot overide national laws. However, they remain very significant.

The national laws have been tested in the era of every week sex video leak in the Upper West Region.

The Waala Traditional Council have a structure that grants a particular family the authority to be in charge of discipline.

I particular feel happy customary laws was put to test. However, due process should be followed to pronounced judgement and opportunity to appeal before the flooging.

Human Rights Lawyers are part of our problems. They we be sleeping and when such issues come up, they will now be giving interpretation.

We must also be careful; someone can have a gun pointed to his head to have sex so they can used his video to blackmail him or her.

We need a sustainable approach and if the flogging will bring results, let us streamline it.


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