Upper West Regional Hospital

A Public Health Nurse, Mr. Masahudu Adam, has urged the public to patronize the services of health centers and CHPS Compounds in the Upper West Region in order to reduce crowd in bigger health facilities. He noted that several people bypass Heath centres such as CHPS to hospitals for health service delivery, an act that seeks to undermine health centers.
Mr. Adam said the attitude makes work of health staff difficult when actually there are other options that will help.

“Let’s not develop the perception that the Higher facilities are the only reliable source of quality health delivery, the CHPS compound close to you has what it takes to help you, the Health workers there have what it takes to assist you, it’s not all the time we should rush to bigger facilities when facilities like Duori or Kambali Health centers are open to us, it’s adviceable that we should always visit our CHPS compounds, but let’s have some friends who are health inclined”.

He concluded that Residents should establish very good relationship with health workers for their own benefit.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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