Naa Dikomwini Domalae II, Paramount Chief of Dafaima Traditional Area

Paramount Chief of Dafiama Traditional Area, Naa Dikomwini Domalae has berated statements made by Member of Parliament for Wa Central Suggesting Teachers are to blame for poor performance of BECE Candidates in Busa.

“teachers are the main cause of students failure in BECE examination”. Said by the Member of Parliament for Wa Central.

In a statement issued by Dr. Pelpuo, he spoke categorically in Busa on the 29th of December 2022, labelling teachers as the reason for abysmal student performance in previous BECE Examinations in the Community.

The Dafiama Naa, Naa Dikomwini Domalae II added his voice to the Development.

He said Education is the Reason he is alive Today advocating for teachers to be protected..

“…If not for Education i won’t be sitting here, I won’t be here, perhaps I may not  have been alive, what ever the town people can do to maintain their teachers and to maintain discipline is very important, we should not use flimsy excuses to sack our teachers, for all we know, teachers, when they post you to a place, stay with the people, why is it that someone will want to stay in Wa and come here (Busa), what is not here?, There is everything, All you need is your room, what will you want in your room and wouldn’t get..

I think there are so many important things discussed here that we need to take very serious and ensure the teachers stay, without a good teacher who will follow the students boot for boot, if we don’t do that the children will not be good, they will come out with nothing and if they come out with nothing it would be better if we hadn’t sent them to school so this Education matter must be taken seriously….”


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